Sunday, January 18, 2009

Picky Eaters?!

I got a different resource request today, it was suggestions for picky eaters! I did some research and found some good articles about dealing with you picky eater, one is from The Mayo Clinic, it has 20 tips for picky eaters, another group of good tips is from Healthy Living Today, and another good article is from The Baby Center.

Ok, so now you've got your child psychology on picky eating in check, let's get to what you really want, ideas on what to FEED THEM! Here is are really cool site from CDKitchen with loads of kid - friendly recipes and fun ideas. Here's 10 recipes from has another article on Cooking For Kids with some more recipes, and if the problem is more sever, like a Sensory Processing Disorder, this site can help bunches, and has a whole slew of menu ideas and recipes at the bottom.

Now, a couple of basics from Mrs. Murphy are: if you have ravioli or left over spaghetti, even mac n cheese, cut it up small and mix with steamed veggies, add some extra cheese.

Another is a basic tortilla with cheese and some shredded leftover meat, toasted. My girls also love veggies with Ranch to dip, and for non-milk drinkers, go ahead and get some Strawberry Quick and make "strawberry milk", works every time!

I hope this helps some! Please send me more ideas to share if you have them!

You can also click on the little boy above to go to another good site!
Good luck!
Mrs. Murphy

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