Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life, Imagine the Potential Ad

This is an Historic time, it is FIRST the day of the National March for Life, (in most places, the March for Life is TODAY, due to the events in WA DC, the National MFL is on the 22nd) and second, it is the Inaguration Day of the first mixed-race president in history, the most pro-abortion president in history. It should be a day of celebration, but I truely don't feel the urge to celebrate, I feel the urge to PRAY.

Thank you Pam in Olympia for sending me this:

"Dear CatholicVote. com Member,

According to the Financial Times, a ‘Super Bowl’ type audience is expected to tune in to coverage of the Inauguration of Barack Obama tomorrow.

To mark this occasion, we are proud to announce the release of a new commercial that will be airing all day tomorrow in select markets on Black Entertainment Television. Our newest ad is just the beginning of a year-long campaign that will include a series of commercials for use on the web and on broadcast TV.

Check out our new ad here – www.CatholicVote. org

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so be sure to check out our new ad, and then tell your friends about it. After watching the short commercial, I hope you will appreciate our purpose. The message of CatholicVote. org is universal and transcends candidates and political parties. Even in difficult times, the truth about the dignity of every human life must be proclaimed.

We at CatholicVote. org had hoped that the first African-American president would be pro-life. Sadly, that’s not the case. While we urge you to pray earnestly for his conversion on abortion, we’re not going to waste this historic opportunity to witness to life.

Our newest ad seeks to both educate and inspire – the same elements that helped make our election season film the most-watched political ad on the Internet during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Finally, I suspect there will be a lot of talk about hope in the next couple of days. The purpose of our multiple-commercial campaign is to creatively reach new people who don’t always agree with us about the amazing gift of every human life. Simply put, abortion is the enemy of hope."

I find this so interesting that the ads are specifically targeting the African American population, but it shows where the least hope for life lies, which I find mind boggling as they have all jumped on the "Hope for Change" band wagon. Maybe President Obama will make the world such a better place people who may once would have aborted their babies, will be excited to bring their babies into it? That would be kind of funny... A decline in abortions, which his administration is promoting, perhaps because he will promise free diapers and formula to go with their free groceries and mortgage payments?

I was talking to my mom yesterday, it's an interesting point that the Liberals want to rule the world, but they are killing themselves off, and quickly too (ie EUROPE), so who will be left? The Catholics and the Mormons! You're now seeing the cynical side of Mrs. Murphy, so sorry, and I'm rambling.... Let us pray for the strayed Catholics, the Christians and Jews and Muslims, all races, to fully embrace the sanctity of new LIFE.

God Bless you in this Historic time,
Mrs. Murphy

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