Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Educator Appreciation Week at Barnes & Noble!

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Kendra E. said...

i think i had heard about this in general, that homeschoolers can get discounts at barnes and nobles..but i forgot about it. When you go to the store, do you just tell them that you homeschool? thanks for the heads up...this is awesome!

Mrs. Murphy said...

What you bring your "Intent to Homeschool form" from your school district (if you have one), or your HSLDA card (you SHOULD have one), or your Virtual Academy membership (if you have one), or anything that shows that you homeschool to the counter at Barnes & Nobles. They give you a form to fill out and make you an educator card. BTW, it's 10-20% off EVERYDAY with this, and special promotions will come along for more of a discount.

I have also heard that you can get a FREE Starbucks coffee on Mondays with this card, try it out and let me know!