Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Always Learning...

I am a convert, not a cradle Catholic, but either group can claim ignorance of the Liturgical traditions for this reason alone. I just learned that the Church listed Epiphany on Sunday, January 4, while it is also still celebrated on January 6, which is the actual 12th day of Christmas. (If I wasn't immediately dumb upon getting pregnant, I could have done that math!)

My good friend Michaela always amazes me with her commitment to preparing for and carrying out such beautiful and memory filled liturgical celebrations. She is an inspiration, and I am just going to have to steal all her good ideas!

So, I am creating a "Christmas Season for Catholic Dummies, aka Mrs. Murphy Binder" to keep, and will continue to build more for each season. See, my problem is I get with my friends or check out the blogs about the liturgical celebrations and feast days like, the day before or the day of.... that is no time for me to even mentally prepare!

I'm thinking my Christmas Binder will begin the day after Thanksgiving, with a list of shopping items for each traditional food, craft, etc needed to carry out that holiday season, and end on Epiphany, or the 12th day of Christmas. I will have the day listed, such as St. Nicholas Day, a description of what it is all about, 2 or 3 ideas for a craft, 2 or 3 food ideas to make with the kids, and how to carry out this day, so I have it all laid out ahead of time. The idea came to me as I was feeling quite upset with myself that I didn't do more, when Dora the Explorer, Diego and Boots were on an adventure to a 3 Kings party. Cute, no doubt! But I want these memories to stem from the HOME, not Nickelodeon!

I certainly cannot do every feast day, every Saint day, it's just not possible in the Murphy house, so I will start out with the basics and build. This year for sure, we will be going through and creating memorable Namesake Feast days, something I have never done before. My friends Poms, Michaela and 5-0 will be recruited to help me! So, whether Cradle or Convert, there is always room to grow and learn, I will share this binder making system with you as I go along, and PLEASE, send me some ideas!

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