Monday, December 29, 2008

Thanks Sonja!

An awesome new kids site was added today: ABC Ya! , thanks so much Sonja! I want to encourage my blog, with all the military, homemaking, money saving, fun kids games and educational resources, to be shared with more than just homeschooling moms, so much can be used by anyone!

I am so happy my good friend from the good old Cherry Point Play Group (way back when my big girl was a baby) shared this with us, my kids are itching for me to get off the blog so they can get on and play, thanks again!

I'm going to be expanding more, to include a section of frugal family friendly recipes (to include meat-less and crock-pot), so, send me your favorites!

Loving the Sharing!
Mrs. Murphy

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Regina said...

thanks for sharing with us are gathering quite a selection of resources!