Sunday, December 21, 2008

Leftovers Soup

One of my favorite tightwad tips is making leftovers into a big pot of soup. It's become a tradition and depending on what we eat it takes about 2 weeks to make a 2 gallon pot.

First, I keep a huge Tupperware bowl with lid to keep the leftovers in the freezer. All the cut up meat, veggies, potatoes, rice, gravy - it all goes in the bowl after every meal.

About 9:00 every night, my night time snack is a cup of Rauman noodles. Usually chicken, mushroom, oriental or shrimp. I use the leftover broth to put in the bowl to make the soup stock.

Some things I don't recommend putting in are a lot of broccoli or asparagus (too strong - the kids complained about the "after taste"). If you want to add leftover spaghetti, cut it up into small pieces.

Really good to add are leftover mashed potatoes, this thickens the stock. You can puree the leftovers from baked potatoes, skins and all in a food processor to add. Did you know there are lots of good vitamins in potato skins? If you have that odd can of beans, throw them in!

We had this last night with some home made biscuits and it was the perfect meal on a cold snowy night! I take great comfort in not wasting any food, especially in this world where more of us are going hungry than not. Praise be to God for all He has provided for us!

Stay Cozy,
Mrs. Murphy

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