Friday, December 19, 2008

How I got Kung Fu Panda for $3

My "Amigas" and I are really into this Miserly Mom thing lately. So, I have to share how I got the deal of the year on one of the movies of the year. I braved Walmart on Black Friday, oh yes I did! I bought Kung Fu Panda, plus a few other movies that will be from St. Nicholas, for the advertised $9. That weekend coupons came in the mail for $3 off each movie. I brought the coupons plus my receipt back to Walmart and asked if they could be applied after the sale, and they gave me the difference in cash! So, that's down to $6. Chef-Boy-R-Dee is giving a rebate of $3 when you buy 5 of their products and send in the receipt plus the Kung Fu Panda proof of purchase. Wow! A blockbuster kids movie for $3!

What a deal, now I plan to expand my "resources" for miserly penny-pinching moms as myself and add resources that are real, practical and easy to use!

Happy Saving!
Mrs. Murphy

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Regina said...

trying for the 4th time to comment...AGHHHHHHH

good miserly score!