Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pre-School Fun!

Want to check out something different and fun to do with your preschooler? Ten Kids and a Dog is consistently posting super fun activities around some of our all time favorite books and characters. This week's project is on Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom.

Click here for the details of their Teaching Tiny Tots fun stuff!

The KizClub is a new place for me, lots of cute colorful printables and phonics!

I also love Jessica's Shower of Roses, and was so tickled to see all the projects she is doing for Winter Fun with her little ones! Click here for more details...

And...I've just discovered Unplug Your Kids! I'm in love! I have dreams about a TV free life... but then I remember my show will be on tonight...sigh. That's a project for deployment. Anyhoo, this site has weekly hands on activities, this week is color and marbleized-paper.

My favorite Aussie is Aussie Anne at Under Her Starry Mantle, she is so thoughtful, has some super cool crafts listed, and today I was looking over her blog and checked out her Faith Dolls. Super cute! And a great substitute to what dolls are floating around now based on cartoon characters.

And speaking of crafts...this is probably for the older crowd, but I found and LOVED this idea to celebrate the year of St. Paul from Our Domestic Church. She also posts some fun craft ideas, many appropriate for all ages.

Jammin has some good ones too! Want to mummify a Barbie? Make a pizza box solar oven? Check out her blog and scroll down on the right to the Outside the Box Ideas. She also has Crafty Things, Field Trips and is the mecca for lapbooks. Enjoy!

And, of course there is Matilda! She has posted for nearly every feast day and Saint coloring pages and craft ideas to celebrate.

To all you ladies who put in so much hard work to make all our children's homeschooling experience that much richer, I am saying a special prayer for you. Thank you!

Mrs. Murphy

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Diane K said...

Probably not. Many don't follow the guidelines of the Vatican anyway. It would take quite a bit of discipline and follow through from Rome to accomplish this, unfortunately.