Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I have some personal news....

Well, we went to the OB yesterday for my first real appointment and I expressed some concerns about how this particular pregnancy was "feeling". I could lay down and already SEE and FEEL baby move, I am REALLY showing for this stage.....I have had some complications and 2 losses in the past, so I requested an ultrasound.

Guess what? It's TWINS! I still can't believe it, especially since no twins are in my family! All I can say, is that when I was wanting to get pregnant, that month my friends and I fervently prayed for specific intercessions....I believe Our Lord granted a miracle upon my family and gave us a double blessing!

Now I need to change my widget and have another bowl of spaghetti for breakfast! Please pray for us my friends!

With much love,
Mrs. Murphy


Esther said...

Congratulations on your blessings! You will be in my prayers.

Jessica said...

Congratulations!! I have twin sisters... Twins are A LOT of work at first, but so much fun! I'll keep you in my prayers. God bless!