Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Free Resources!

Here is a site from TLSBooks.com that has tons of FREE worksheets, printables, coloring pages, handwriting etc. for K-5th Grades.

SuperKids has an Educational Tools section where you can create your own worksheets tailored to your lessons for math, telling time, vocabulary, and even free games of Logic and Reason and Hangman!

ABC Teach has a specialty section just for handwriting too, including free worksheets and lessons on instructing leftys.

Home-Schooler.com is a brand new place for home-schoolers to list Classified Ads, participate in Forums, connect with other home-schoolers, and more. Best of all, it's all free.

To celebrate the launch, there are weekly contests going on until the end of February where you could win $25 - $250.

You can get your free account by visiting http://www.home- schooler.com/join/ .

Check out http://www.home-schooler.com/ today, and let your
home-schooling friends know.

And here is: Great site for printable readers. There's a bunch of neat little books on there.Crosswords, mazes and bookmarks too! http://www.learning island.org/

Are these good? Sorry about the font difference, some of the information I cut and pasted directly from the email I received it from. I will have all the sites also listed in the Homeschooling Resources section of my blog.

Blessings & Happy Schooling to you all!
Mrs. Murphy

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