Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How Could I Have Missed Groundhog Day?!

It must have been due to the sick kids, the mountain of laundry, the final Twighlight book lingering on my bedside table and the bouts of morning sickness that are coming back off and on..... I missed Groundhog Day! What a fun lesson that would have been! Actually, it still WILL be, I've got a plan for today!

Sorry folks, when my pee stick turns, my mind goes to mush! For example, my friend Michaela has 7 chickens, I asked her last week how many eggs she gets from them a day. She replied, about one per chicken. I replied, "Wow! A dozen eggs a day! That's great!"

Silence, blink....blink. Very typical of the pregnant Mrs. Murphy.

Any hoo, here is the "Official" link for Groundhog Day, a day late. Oh, and 6 more weeks of winter, thanks Al Gore. Did you notice extreme cynicism is another symptom of the pregnant Mrs. Murphy? So sorry.

With the best of intentions!
Mrs. Murphy

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