Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who Supports Planned Parenthood?

While I have little ones, and dream of one day easily participating in the March for Life without strollers and diapers and sippy cups running out and where to throw your cheese wrapper and raisin boxes away, I know I can support the fight for all life by being educated and knowledgable about who DOES support abortion and boycotting them. In my research I have found Life Decisions International, an organization dedicated to alerting the public of which companies donate their (or really YOUR) money to Planned Parenthood. I was appalled at what I found, and you will be too.

Among my disappointments was the link between the American Cancer Society and PP as well as their support of embryonic stem cell research. While they are specific and what their grants to PP are for, (in some cases smoking cessation classes) their relationship is questionable. You can read more about it HERE and HERE and HERE.

Now as I continue to be more thorough in my research, it seems that the funds raised through the Relay for Life and ACS are distributed by which state you participate in. You can read more about that HERE. In contradiction, the national organizations statements on these subjects can differ greatly with whomever you talk to at the state level, you can read more about that HERE.

So what's my point? Obviously I will not support or donate money to any organization I have been made aware of that supports the destruction of life. But, it has prompted me to find, maybe even create, an organization that supports the thriving of all life. Oh wait...that's the Catholic Church!

Still researching,
Mrs. Murphy

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