Sunday, February 21, 2010


Ok, did some work around the blog, added a few things, took off some old things, I think it's pretty well cleaned up now. I changed the scholarship section to include schools and camps, I also found Cancer Researchers who are Pro-Life. In addition, I found a link to a list (from 2007-so you may want to double check on the company's agenda as of now) that matches funds donated to Planned Parenthood. You can check out the list HERE.

Sherry, sorry to say it, but from my research Avon is a supporter of Susan Komen as well as Planned Parenthood. Sorry!

Last week, we brainstormed after getting our ashes, and our first weekly Lenten project was baking treats and making cards and pictures for the "people who help keep us safe". We then all hopped in the Murphy bus, us big Murphy girls, the Mayer girls and the Pariseau girls, and we drove to EVERY Fort Bliss gate, and also stopped by the MPs and handed them out with all the girls yelling "Thank you for keeping us safe!" at the top of their lungs! It was great.

The girls had to help bake, pack and hand them out. It taught sacrifice, because they were not allowed to eat ANY, it taught patience and dedication, because they had to make a LOT of treats, and pack them and make the cards and pictures, and it taught them the JOY of GIVING because these brave men and women were so surprised and thankful that we thought of them in this way. I would love to hear your Lent projects! Oh, I also added the link to the Holy Heroes Lenten project and 40 Days for Life.

In addition, I was given the great honor of asking to review and post this blog: Catholic Heritage. I get a LOT of bogus requests to post something on my blog, I always check it out before I do to make sure it is not a scam or website looking for your money. This blog is super cool, it is Irish, and dedicated to reviving the Latin Mass and educating us all on the goings on of the Roman Catholic Church. It is now in my "Favorite Catholic Places" and I am blessed to have had them find me!

Hope ya'll like what I've done! Send me your comments!
Mrs. Murphy

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Ken said...

Thank you very much for adding a link to our Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure. As of tonight, there are over 8,000 families worldwide taking part this year in our free activities (and well over 100 each day have been joining since Fat Tuesday). Hope they help you and yours have a more fruitful Lent. Please pray for us! Ken at Holy Heroes