Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The GIVE Act

Why isn't this being talked about all over the place? This thing, this new program that has already quietly been signed into effect, terrifies me. It terrifies me so much I shared it on email with every mother I know, and was even subject to attack from an anti-Catholic on a home school public group forum. I have since dropped that group as the moderators chose not to say anything about the unacceptable posting from that ignorant woman, even though they did chose to post that home party invites were not ok, but that is another story.

Here are a few articles about the GIVE Act: one from Fox News; their hyped up description from Service Nation; here is the data from Open Congress; be sure to read the COMMENTS; get some more scary details from The Catholic Knight; and watch what could be coming to your neighborhood on this You Tube Video.

On the surface it seems like a great deal, right? WRONG! When a government pays 6 BILLION DOLLARS for a program for FORCED VOLUNTEERISM, there is something WRONG. Why can't that money go to PAYING JOBS? Then there is the whole concept of volunteering, when the group who submits is rewarded and the groups who chose to really volunteer in other ways is punished through the allowance of or withholding of FEDERAL STUDENT LOANS, there is something WRONG. When the Obama nation is coming to your door to get your personal information and signature pledging your support, not to our COUNTRY, but to the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION to put into a national database so you can be WATCHED, that is WRONG.

This thing is wrong on so many levels, but I am here to only give you the resources for you to make your own decisions, isn't that what true freedom is all about?

The ignorant woman I mentioned above compared the GIVE Act to Catholic schools, she saw no difference, uniforms, community service, etc. LADY, when you participate in these things at a Catholic school it is not funded with my TAX DOLLARS!

Spread this news around, it has been signed, it has been funded, but it has not been in the media, and there is good reason....they don't want us to know about it.

Please don't be brainwashed!
Mrs. Murphy

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Bonnie said...

Bill O'Reilly went bonkers about this on his show 2 weeks ago. Forced volunteerism isn't voluntary, now is it?