Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cake Mix Cookies

A few months ago our local Safeway had cake mix on sale for 59 cents a box, so of course I picked up a dozen boxes! We are moving in less than three months and I still have like 5 boxes left, so I need to use up a couple other than the cakes I have planned for birthdays. I remember, years ago when I sold Pampered Chef (no longer) that we made cookies really quick for the cookie press demo using cake mix, so I just googled "cake mix cookie recipes" and found TONS of sites!

After reviewing a few different recipes I came up with my own in the kitchen:

1 box cake mix (this time I used devil's food chocolate, 18.25 oz)
2 eggs
1/2 cup really soft butter
2 Tbls water
1/2 package chocolate chips

preheat to 350 degrees, bake in rounded teaspoons size about 11 minutes, they stayed fresh and chewy as long as they lasted, which wasnt long!

You can check out what is out there on your own, but one site struck me enough to share: The Recipe Godlmine! Here are dozens of recipes you can make from cake mix! So, take advantage of those big sales and go to town!

Mrs. Murphy

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